Trabajo interiorismo 1

Jardines del Bosco
m²: 700000
Puerto Maderos
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Year: 2010
Buenos Aires, where the apartment?s located, is an estate development that provides its occupants with a quick access to the city center, and ? at the same time ? with a sense of intimacy and low proximity to the nature thanks to the neighbor green Warsaw?s district, Ursynów. We strived to embrace these values within the project taking into consideration a lifestyle of our client ? young entrepreneur working hard often 24h a day, for whom his apartment?s interior was supposed to be both a space to manage business issues, and a place to take a breathe.

After a major functional intervention, we managed to fulfill all the received guidelines, e.g. by finding area for a fully equipped kitchen with a [kitchen] island. We designed a contrast space ? black & white colors make the interior classically elegant, while the greenery and natural stones introduce the peacefulness and harmony. Application of dimmable lights almost in the whole apartment enables to create scenes that are suitable to the part of a day and to the mood.
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